Mia Lina Quick Facts

Alias: Dara Danglemore, Mia, Mia Ling
Date of Birth: 1/20/1988
Home Town: Tucker, United States
Measurements: 33A-24-34
Height: 5’6
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown

Mia Lina Biography

Brunette babe Mia Lina was born in Tucker in the United States in 1988. Mia began her adult career ni 2008 when she was 20 years old. During her first year in the adult industry Mia featured in six adult films which ranged in niche but included oral, anal and gonzo.

Mia Lina stands at 5’6 and weighs 110lbs. Mia’s biggest asset is definitely her delicious 34B-24-24 figure! Mia currently has her tongue pierced and she also has a tattoo above her right buttock and a small heart behind her left ear.

During her adult career Mia Lina has worked with a variety of adult production studios including Digital Sin, Hustler, New Sensations, Jules Jordan Video, Evil Angel and Vouyer Media. Mia has also had the opportunity to work alongside some big names in the adult industry including Lexi Belle, Haley Sweet, Kali Lane, Missy Stone, Zeina Heart, Kristina Rose, Tori Black and Sindee Jennings.

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  1. Hamed says:

    Hi Mia
    Everytime i watch your pornvideos i get that so horny, i would give everything to come and make with you my own movie.
    Please tell me what to do?!?
    My dream would be to have sex with you. I think its not me alone. 🙂
    Well i will close my eyes when i’m masturbating and dream of you….

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Mia, i´m your fan, please let me know you. You are so beatifull to me. i saw you on movies but i want to see you in live..

    forever to you…


  3. juan says:

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  4. Aaron says:

    Ha I think your hot but in no way am I obsesses like the dudes above me haha that shit cracks me up

  5. justin says:

    Hi Mia,
    I first found u on X-art and I have been trying to find more of u and now I did. I love U Mia!!!

  6. ivan says:

    You are so beatifull for me. i saw you on movies but i want to see you in live.if you visit croatia i hope that i see you end drinck caffe with you.but i dont have lucky. but hope live forever

  7. José says:

    Hola Mia, te escribo desde Perú, soy un poco fanático de las peliculas triple x y de algún modo trato de ver nuevas producciones y estar un poco al dia con los nuevos materiales y también de estar un poco informado sobre las nuevas actrices, la verdad que son pocas las que me gusta aparte de su trabajo su físico y tu actualmente estas como mi favorita, he visto algunas d tus películas y la verdad que me han gustado y tu sales divina, espero que no alteres tu físico ya que tienes unos pechos hermosos y en fin un cuerpo que es a mi parecer perfecto, antes algunas de las actrices que me gustaban eran por ejemplo Teagan Presley y una de las ultimas es Rebeca Linares pero me he visto decepcionado al ver que se han puesto implantes en los senos, a mi parecer pierde naturalidad y deforma sus cuerpos, por ejemplo de Rebeca me gustaban sus pechos y eran realmente hermosos pero ahora no pasa nada, perdieron su encanto, espero que no pase eso contigo y mantengas ese físico por el que te estas ganando la admiración de muchos fans como yo…un beso grande y voy a tratar de seguir viendo tus películas 😉

  8. José says:

    una cosa mas si en algún momento por esas cosas del destino visitas Perú contáctame que estaré encantado de ser tu guía por este bello pais… bye…many kisses

  9. Bill says:

    Mia u are the hottest honey to ever make it to porn. I love to meet you, your sooo hot.

  10. Pete Beltran says:

    You are the hottest little cutie I have ever seen in the porn business. Keep up the great job, I wish you success, and if your ever in Chicago, make sure to call me. I have major clientele you want to connect with.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Mia. I think you’re beautiful. <3 I like your smile!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I think you’re beautiful. I like your tattoos!

  13. Anon says:

    I wish I could cum all over you..

  14. m.E says:

    heey mia , i am from your biggest egyptiens fans , really you are so hot and sexy model :)) i like your tattoos <3

    but what is that i saw in some videos you have such i long dick ! ! futanaria …. how is that ? !!!!!!!

  15. Mr. Green. says:

    Alright, so i will come straight forward with you. Everytime i fuck my girlfriend, we watch your pornos because my girl has the same body as you, and she is one of her favorite pornstars. (she gives good head, and you do too.) thank you so much, but.. idk. you look like a good fuck too, but my baby will be my sex queen.

  16. Geambo says:

    now that’s some quality porn right there… yea

  17. Doc77 says:

    The Digital Desire masturbation video is simply outstanding. Best video I have ever seen. Such a perfect tease and so seductive, sweet, tender, passionate and compelling. I love that she curls up in a cuddly ball at the end…completely satisfied. Satiated.

  18. njawuzi devis says:

    you are good… send me some messages and pictures of you

    nice time…

  19. Fab says:

    Hey Mia !! i’m completely drunk when i’lm writing this message, and i don’t care !!!!
    i just would like to say you’re just sooooooooooooo hot, i’m limit to loving you !! 😀
    I hope one day i meet you ( and many more if we have affinity 😛 !!!!)
    write to me when you’re coming in france !!!! ( i can dream !! 😉 )

    ps: sorry for my bad english 🙁
    kiss luv babe 😉

  20. Superman says:

    Most of the people here have terrible English it’s hilarious!!!

  21. J. Rob says:

    Hey Mia,
    I don’t know if you read this stuff, and at the risk of sounding like I don’t belong in this forum, let me just say ‘I would so love to bang you.’ Okay, now that that’s out of the way. No, but seriously, I just wanted to thank you. It would’ve probably been preferable to do so more formally, but this will have to do I guess. There is more where this is coming from, but far be it from me to lay it out all in this venue. If you want, let me know where I can get that to you, and I will happily do so. If not, your disinclination is my understanding. Here’s hoping to hear from you, but like I said, I just wanted to say, thank you for inspiring me. All the best.

  22. Kai says:

    Where did you get that kickass scar on your left arm? Gymnastics mishap?

    Almost all your scenes are awesome. Wish you boned that guy in Gloryhole though… Retake? 🙂

  23. what? says:

    Mia was a McHenry county Illinois Native…get the bio right.

  24. what? says:

    would be interested in knowing if you ever get to Chicago.
    not thirsty like most posters here but would entertain the thought of taking you for Thai food.

  25. Poster Nutbag says:

    I love your videos Mia, I just watched the one last night of you in a bounce room with granpa. Great stuff here, it reminds me of when I lost my virginity; I was 18 and she was 72. Needless to say I have watched the video over and over. Fluffhead!

  26. Sizer says:

    Hey, what’s about your measurement? It’s 33A or 34B?

  27. assman says:

    Your bio says you did anal. What movie?

  28. Jeff says:

    Mia you have the most beautiful face a woman could have and your body is perfect I would eat your ass out for days. I am so turned on by looking at you. Jeff

  29. Jordan says:

    You are all fucking insane

  30. connor says:

    holy fuck… straight up and honest, i wanna meet u and pay to fuck you, i want to sooo bad! pleaseee illlll payyy!

  31. Curious says:

    I’m not sure how I got here and why am I even commenting, anyways, some of the comments made me laugh big time. I guess, being bored is a virtue.
    Gosh, she’s pretty much my age, and had like 17 movies already(I did not look that up… ok I did), poor girl. Why don’t she try acting, like… normal acting?! She got the looks+++, obviously talent is there as well, since you have to be pretty good to act orgasms and being all ”ohh good” while Russia-sized penis pounding that sacred part of her gorgeous body. Such a beauty, one of those – I would like to have that by my side, but she fucks guys and gets filmed doing that, for money, aaand she lives like forever-far-away, aaand I should not care at all, aaand I probs don’t, but if we meet, maybe we will have together a movie, but not pornographic one :D, I’ll say -”Hello, my name is Curious(get it?!), and I’ve been ”there” for countless times, while looking in between your precious thighs!”

  32. ugotmail says:

    Happy Birthday!

  33. JohnTheMan says:

    You’re awesome, I love your work, keep it up!

    And yeah, probably all of us who comment here are fucking insane.

  34. raj says:

    like you

  35. Remesagon says:

    Me encantas Mia, siempre que veo tus videos me masturbo y la paso genial. Mi sueño sería tener sexo contigo alguna vez. Tengo una amiga que se parece mucho a ti de rostro y físicamente, también usa el cabello como tú, una vez tuve sexo con ella y me imaginaba que estaba contigo. Ella también podría ser actriz porno, lo hace muy bien, auqnue tú eres mucho más caliente y depravada. Un beso.

  36. Gene says:

    Mia Lina joins the ranks of 80’s Angel (Jennifer James), Nikki Charm, Ginger Lynn and Eve Lidzicka (Hanna’s Honeypot) as deliciously cute and adorably entertaining. I’d love to interview you someday. Huge fan.

  37. Blane says:

    I looooooove you, Mia! Please come back!

  38. Mark says:

    any private parties these days? are you completely retired? would love to see you come back or hear what you are doing these days, and def interested in a private party in Phx if you are available. If you are married and having a family these days, best of luck with all that! you were a blast to watch on film that’s for sure.

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